Is God in Control?


Control is a funny thing; the more you have it the less you have to exercise it. And it works the other way too, the more you exercise control the more it slips through your fingers.

There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon. If you are truly in control, you are able to achieve your goal with minimum amount of effort. People who are not truly in control, but only so-so, put a lot of effort into a show of force to be able to maintain the illusion of control. (This serves a two-fold purpose: you convince yourself that you are in control, and hopefully you convince other people as well.)

God's control is impeccable and fully allowing. Streams flow where they want on the palm of God. God isn't forcing control from the outside, but rather lets it arise from the inside as the true will of being. (The creator co-creates with the created.)

Some people look around, see the pain and suffering, and since they see things to be less then perfect, they come to the conclusion that God must have gone crazy and lost control to allow the world to get into this state. The next step is usually to blame the faults that they see on this weak, deplorable image of God.

In this case, it is not God who lacks control, but the human person who makes that assumption. That person has two choices: to claim responsibility, embrace and change the world as they see fit, or to continue to put the blame on this external mirror-image of themselves.

It is generally more effective to control with an open palm than a closed fist.


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