Is God in Me?


We instinctively know that we have some kind of relationship with God, but we don't usually know what kind of relationship it is. A common belief is that we are children of God. Some believe that we should love our parents and grow up to be like them, and some believe that we should fear them and do everything to please them - the latter attitude is not very beneficial to have towards God.

It is also a common belief that God is hidden somewhere inside us, within our good qualities and moral actions. That makes some sense, since if you work on yourself and become the person you wish to be, then through becoming closer to yourself you also become closer to God. A strong backbone, an open mind and a loving heart are always desired.

However, to say that God is within us is not very accurate. That would imply that few hidden parts of us are godlike or worthy of God, but most parts are quite the opposite (or worse: just irrelevant). Accepting God but also at the same time pushing him away is not very wholesome and creates unnecessary inner tension.

The answer would have to be: no, God is not in you. God IS you - the whole 'you'. God is not inside us - we are inside God. What kind of relationship you will have with God depends entirely on you. If you open your heart (which is in you), you will be ale to rise up to God on God's Love.


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