Praise God


Have you seen the 'Four Yorkshiremen' sketch by Monty Python? If not, look it up, it is funny as well as insightful. In it, four people reminisce about their respective childhoods. As they carry on the conversation, the stories they tell become increasingly weirder. They engage in a competition of trying to outdo each other with their stories of how bad they had it. They end up telling outrageous lies.

Unfortunately, for many people praising God is like this sketch. They praise loudest not because they genuinely and with a true heart wish to praise God, but because they are trying to outdo and impress the others. Needless to say, this is just putting on a good show and has nothing to do with actually praising God.

There are two basic ways you praise someone: the way you praise a child and the way you praise an adult. A child runs, falls down and cries. You give praise for trying, encourage and provide a vision for personal growth. You tell truth-that-will-be. An adult is strong and accomplished. You praise by acknowledging work well done or an accomplishment achieved. You tell truth-that-is.

The way to praise God is to do it like you praise an adult person: acknowledge what there is. There is no need to imagine outrageous concepts and shout loud for others to hear. A simple acknowledgment within your heart is a good praise. If you want to praise God even better, live your life fully and with a heart filled with Love, radiating out to all of God's creation.


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