What Is God Doing?


The creator aspect of God is most famous. In the beginning, God created the world, and then... who knows! Some say he has died since, and some say he's just sitting on his throne and basking in the worship and wailing of his followers (because he's really just a petulant kid).

God is not dead, nor is he inactive. God is still actively creating the world. And he's not only up there somewhere in heaven looking down approvingly or disapprovingly, but he's also down in trenches, making every flower grow and every heart beat.

You might ask: "Doesn't God have angels, elemental forces, scientific processes, laws of nature etc. to take care of these things for him?" Sure he does, but these are just different names we give to parts of God so we can try to make sense of it all. Even if we put a million labels on it, it's still God's doing.

If we know this, we could go around saying "this is God, that is God, all this is God!" What purpose would that serve; isn't saying 'God' just another label? The purpose is to remove the labels from yourself, and integrate yourself more closely with God - you too can make hearts beat and flowers grow together with God.

God is damn good at multi-tasking, but thankfully it's not an "all work, no play" situation. Creating the world every moment anew is fun. Giving or having free will is also fun, if you take the time to laugh now and then.


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