Where Is God?


Some say God is in heaven. Some say God is dead. Some say God is inside us, and some even specify the location: in our hearts. Some say God is nature untainted by human influence. Some say God is on Mount Olympus having fun with his friends. Some say God is so disgusted with us humans that he ran away to some unknown dimension. Some simply say God doesn't exist. Many people don't think about it too much and get along just fine.

One potentially useful way of looking at it is the following:

God is everything. (Not that God is IN everything, but that God actually IS everything.) You are God, your friends are God, your pet goldfish is God and the computer screen you're looking at right now is God.

It's about human perception. We like to see the world as separate things: this is a chair, that is a table, over there is a tree. We cut out a piece of reality, put it in a box, and attach a label to it. We do it so many times that we confuse the label with the box and with the thing itself. We condition ourselves to see pieces rather than the wholeness.

So, God isn't really hiding anywhere. God is in front of us, wherever we look. If we look for connection instead of separation, we can see the marvelous beauty of it all. An open heart and an open mind allows us to increase the flow of God's energies within us and feel the oneness.


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