Zen Master's Checkup


The Zen Master went to the Doctor and said, "I'm here for a check up". and after running the standard tests the Doctor said:

"You are in fantastic health for a 40 year old.".."Who says I'm 40?!...I'm 80 years old", the Zen master replied...."80!!!...that's amazing!!...to what do you attribute this?", the doctor asked excitedly.

"Well I really don't know...of course I'm big on Zen...our group eats a lot of basic foods...and also I play a Lot of Pool at the Monastery...."

"Pool????..the Doctor looked at him Quizzingly,"..What about your Father...what did he die of?." "Who said my Father died?, he's 100 years old and just ran the Boston Marathon." "BOSTON MARATHON????" the Doctor replied?.. "and he's a Monk too and plays pool and eats basic foods???".......

"Who said he was?...he's a Catholic and eats Italian food and drinks a glass of red wine a day."

"Geeze..the Doctor said, as he scratched his head..."Hard to form a histology here...O. K. How about your GRANDFATHER, what did HE die of?"...

"Who said he's dead???", the Monk replied, "He's 120 years old and is getting married to a 19 year old Hooters girl on Sunday at the headquarters of the Outlaws Motorcycle gang."

Well the Doctor was truly perplexed now.

"And I suppose he's a Catholic too?..."No he's a Pagan." "But he eats Italian foods?," ...."Hamburgers and Tacos, Mostly". "And I suppose a glass of red wine is just a warm up?"..."Mostly Killians Red and Jack Daniels"....the Monk answered Dryly.

Giving up, the Doctor stammered, "Why would a 120 year old man WANT to marry a 19 year old Girl?"

And the Monk replied with a wry smile, "You ASSUME many things Doctor, "Who ever said he WANTED to get Married at all?"

Exhausted and feeling distraught from all his imaginings the Doctor finished his notes:

"Well...I'm finished with your check up now, you're in perfect health...you can go now," the Doctor murmured.

And the Zen Master smiled a very kind smile and replied, "I never said I was here to check up on MY health, at all?". And the Doctor Stepped back, his mouth slightly dropped.

"Your wife asked me to look in on you, He continued, "She said you have been very unhappy lately, ....can you guess why?".........



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