Stress and Diet


The best diet in the world is to eat what you want, when you want, and as much as you want. You are the person who can know best what is good for you and your body.

However, modern day stress has its way of dislodging the sense and priorities of a healthy person. Our wants and desires become focused less on health and natural power, and more on instant gratification and fleeting sensations. Because of stress (and other factors) we no longer know what, when, and how much we truly want.

By choosing to follow an inflexible, generic diet the gap between our physical needs and emotional wants becomes wider instead of the two integrating more closely together.

Try to reconnect with the needs of your body. Ask yourself: Is this what I wish to eat? Do I want to eat now? Do I want to take another bite or is it enough? Following a self-disciplined approach to diet is definitely a good thing if it is coupled with paying attention to oneself - without that no 'magic diet' can work wonders for your body as far as health is concerned.

Don't plan your diet around stress - take the time to reconnect with yourself and take nourishment accordingly.


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