Stress and Weight Gain


Stress itself does not cause weight gain, quite the opposite. However, the two are related and unfortunately weight gain due to stress is a common occurrence.

There are number of reasons for why we gain weight through stress:

  1. Stress is quite energy-consuming and by eating more we subconsciously aim to reduce the toll stress has on the body.
  2. Eating is a habit and a repetitive action we have control over. Performing a repetitive action calms the mind and is a mild form of meditation.
  3. When we are stressed, we tend to pay less attention to what, how much and how fast we are eating.
  4. A person who has been living under stress for a long time adjusts the dietary habits around stress and generally eats and drinks junk food.

For many people overeating becomes a form of trying to suppress stress. It should come as no surprise then that stress can indirectly cause weight gain.

Pills or magic diets won't help - stress related weight gain can be normalized only by paying close attention to dietary habits, enforcing strict self-discipline, and changing to a healthier lifestyle.


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