Stress Back Pain


There are three common causes for back pain that pretty much everyone experiences at one time or another:

  • stress
  • lifelong habit of assuming a bent bodily posture
  • lifting heavy stuff the wrong way

Stress by itself has limited effect on producing back pain. Stress by itself will more likely manifest in pain in the neck and shoulder area first rather than the back, but when combined with other factors it is not unusual to experience back pain.

Throughout our lives we tend to assume a bent bodily posture. Sometimes we do so because we don't have enough confidence in ourselves or because we tend to be submissive towards others. But, stress itself can also influence a bad posture, and this results in a self-reinforcing negative circle and back pain.

A stressed back is also less flexible, and things are likely to go wrong if the pressure from stress is compounded with additional physical pressure. When you are lifting things make sure to bend your knees and keep your back straight rather than the other way around.

Massage might help for relieving stress related back pain in the short term, but for long term health make sure to develop the habit of walking with your head high, your back straight, and a confident bounce in your step.


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