Stress Levels


Specific stress levels are different from situation to situation and person to person. Some people overreact smaller pressures, while some people underreact greater ones. However, even if the thresholds differ, some common stress levels can be observed.


  • no stress issues

Under pressure

  • loss of spiritual balance
  • emotional discomfort
  • mental single-mindedness
  • irritability (unable to cope with newer pressures)


  • physical discomfort
  • loss of emotional control
  • inability to focus

Over stressed

  • erratic behavior
  • disorientation, sharp pain
  • mental and emotional collapse
  • tiredness, persistent dull pain


  • physical collapse
  • identity and existential issues

Post-breakdown stress

  • emotional and mental self-mutilation
  • permanently lowered capabilities
  • chronic physical illnesses

Thankfully, these stress levels are not a linear progression. We all get stressed under pressure now and then - and then we resolve our issues, returning to a state that is normal to us.


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