How To Control Stress


True control of stress can be achieved by letting the pressures through yourself without resistance. By doing so, a degree of oneness is achieved and subtle, effortless control can be exerted. Don't break - bend.

However, there is also another kind of control, one that is based on superiority and suppression. This approach advocates rigidity instead of flexibility - a disciplined mind can endure many pressures with a tightly formed focus. The phrase 'control freak' describes people who use this attitude.

The problem with this illusionary control is that because the focus is so tight, things outside the focus slowly tend to slip. There is balance within the focus, but outside of it there is still uncontrollable chaos. When the focus is overrun by the world, the mind breaks rather than bends and a mental breakdown occurs.

Influence elegantly, change subtly - give up controlling demandingly. If you are inclined towards control, try to look at stress management as a dance.


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