How To Cope With Stress


Coping with stress is a way of stressing about being stressed.

When is coping with stress acceptable? For example, if you have ten minutes of stressful work left and an important phone call comes in, it is acceptable to endure the compounded stress which would be otherwise overwhelming. After ten minutes your work is finished, your mind at ease, and you can rest peacefully with a sense of satisfaction.

In such a situation it is the subconscious who copes with the stressful situation, since the conscious mind is fully occupied with resolving it. For temporary and sudden stresses it can be best to simply endure and let it pass.

However, how to cope with stress that is long term? The answer is that you don't. Enduring stress with no escape is stupid and inefficient. Trying to cope with stress is a way of saying that you don't have the plan, willpower or clarity of mind to resolve the situation. This attitude (or lack of it) is very damaging and will result in stress tearing you apart.

Generally, coping with stress is the worst thing you can do. Take a step back (or three), relax, and try to find solutions by looking from different perspectives.


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