How To Release Stress


Releasing stress is perhaps the most effective approach.

By releasing the attachment to external pressures internal tension is also relieved. The difference between releasing stress and avoiding it is that with avoiding stress the energies pass beside you and with embracing and releasing stress the energies pass through you.

There are two basic ways for releasing stress: the subconscious and the conscious kind. The indirect, subconscious way works by engaging in a relaxing activity. When your body is relaxed, your subconscious slowly releases stress on its own.

The other, more important method is to release stress consciously. Through self-reflection and self-discipline releasing stress can be quick and efficient. Observe within yourself how your awareness attaches itself to pressures, and choose not to do so anymore.

The first step for a successful release is embracing the pressure. Acknowledge the change these forces bring. When they are within you, let them pass through and enjoy the feeling of positive emptiness that they leave behind.


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