Society Stress


Society stress is the most complex kind of stress and it's very hard to comprehend fully. An astronaut high above Earth in the blackness of space might feel just how much the pressures of society form who we are.

Most people try to find their own identities between the limits society sets for them. This results in a struggle to be a unique individual, but still be normal enough according to society's standards - causing a lot of stress on a deep level where it lies hidden and spikes in other forms of stress.

On this deep level, it's best to accept that our personalities are not as unique nor as real as we believe them to be - nevertheless we are who we are, even if we can't pinpoint, categorize or differentiate ourselves. Such a realization might release some of the stress.

Another source of society stress is the tension between the need for polite, formal interaction and the need for sincere self-expression. Most people address this issue by creating layers of masks, but sometimes it's easy to get lost among the masks and this results in more struggle within.

Know thyself and the world around you; there's no other solution for the stresses of society.


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