Honesty and Candor


I'm being so candid with you that I must tell you about my unswerving honesty.
- Bene Gesserit Protestation

This quote about honesty and candor shows us great strength of character.

It's like a forceful and piercing pillar of light and energies unlimited surging up along your spine, clearing and purifying everything that is blocking you. It is the fierce, radiating power of expressing yourself truly no matter what. Candor on its highest level.

A clear voice.

It is a knowledge of personal truth and power; a presence that literally leaves you breathless. Uplifts your hearth and gives you a glimpse of true beauty.
It's also a laser-sharp weapon of pure light that vaporizes (sets free) anything that is less that true love.

Are you in possesion of unswerving honesty?
Being honest to others is secondary: Be honest to yourself.

Are you strong and self-confident enough to be candid with others everytime you choose to be? Even when you admit your outstanding inner clearness and unswerving honesty risking by that to be perceived as a self-conceited person?

Of course, outstanding inner clearness and unswerving honesty should be achived first, otherwise your glorious statement would lose it's gloriousness and hold no truth.

Honesty and candor are the best basis for a personal codex if you decide to have one.

Cultivate the qualities in yourself you find noble and don't be afraid to let them be known!

Let your light shine.


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