The Dune novels maintain a delicate balance within the world at all levels: ecological, social, psychological.

In the Dune world it may be difficult to discern specific aspects because it's so detailed and interconnected.

Another Frank Herbert's (non-Dune) novel, The Green Brain, focuses solely on the concept of interdependencies:

The Green Brain portrays a world where all life is completely dependent on each other. When the biosphere is disturbed and dissected, nature goes into overdrive in battle against sterilization.

The Dune world is much more delicate. Portrayal of biological/ecological dependency is still present, but in a system which seems more open-ended: life is allowed outside of life, and there are many choices between different forms of balance.

This is a magical universe where anything can happen; interdependency is a tool for manifesting magical forms and systems.

Some interesting paralells can be made if we abstract the concept:

Life does not limit life - life breeds life.
Ideas do not limit ideas - ideas generate ideas.

Removing a key idea in the sea of interdependencies may result in invalidation of connected ideas.

But, ideas (or life) are not so frail. Removing the context (the world) for a specific idea does not destroy the idea, but pushes it into unknown void.

Testing until destruction.

Something magical, something new happens:
The universe moves forward.

Key logs and dependencies!

The Dune world is so delicately woven.
How does the texture of its fabric feel to you?


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