Terms Of Identity In Virtual Worlds 2


Here's an alternative simple list of terms, about in the order from less identity to more identity:

1. Username

May or may not mean anything. May or may not have a static 2d picture attached ('avatar'), which also may or may not have any relevance.

2. Toon.

Toons are tools. They are dolls. They correspond to RL physical bodies.

3. Character

A small self. A wholesome, somewhat stand-alone aspect of the whole player self. (I could play an evil robber that tortures people, although I don't consider it as direct extension of my RL person.)

4. Avatar

The embodiment of the player in the virtual world. It's all off the player's consciousness that can be stuffed into the toon/character/world.

5. Person

A wholesome balancing of Consciousness spanning across many realities, virtual or real.

These are the terms I currently use, but we shall see which terms the community accepts or develops. (I would have never come up with 'toon', but I see it has become widely accepted.)

I believe we have much to learn in the field of identity, and as the population in general embraces virtual worlds more, the general perception of objective reality will go through many shifts.

It always does.


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