Creating A System


You have obtained a degree of power over others, and you grow tired of putting too much energy into upholding that position/state.

It's time to systematize.

Of what use is a system? The goal is to solidify, automatize and streamline the influence of power, so you can just sit back and enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of devouring souls.

Before rushing into devising your very own system, take a look around. There are many existing systems you can bleed for energy.

Eminent states and corporations are prime targets to put a few puppets to serve your goals. For less eminent positions, just hire professional rent-a-puppets. (You can find quite a bargain if you look: three corrupt politicians/businessmen for the price of two!)

As for the others - coercion works just fine.

When establishing the structure of your system, pay much attention to preventing hostile takeovers. If you are powerful, there are many others who wish to take your place.

The solution is to let power trickle down the hierarchy only selectively. Never give more power than necessary, and always for a specific goal.

As a precaution, dumb down as much possible and let everyone see only a small part of the big picture - the part they're specialized in and do the work for you.

Clarity of oversight works very well - and thus should be reserved for you only. (You can't lash against an enemy/oppressor if he's not visible.)

Don't be afraid to squeeze now and then to grind off the parts which cause friction in your system, and otherwise sufficiently grease the palms of those who keep the power flowing in your direction.

If things go well, you can take it to the next level and focus on finding new ways of satisfying your ever growing hunger.


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