Like it or not, we as humans are aspects/parts of a greater complex.

A human births and dies; eats and breathes; walks on two feet, uses two hands; lives on this planet, in this solar system, in this universe.

We are not only dependent on the greater complex; we are also defined by it.

Absolute power can only be sustained if it is power-with. (Power-over would collapse at once for not having anything other than itself to feed from.)

From a limited perspective, we can see the greater complex (god, multiverse, nature, whatever) as a refined variant of a system built on power-with.

Because the majority of human social systems are built on power over others, human collective consciousness is a gray, bland, segregated, and boring layer of this Earth's awareness/complex.

We took a flow/frequency and turned it against itself.

To prevent self-destruction, we seem to be in a race between awareness and technology.

Short-sightedness of hunger for power over others and the desire for security work to maintain a status quo on human awareness and selective development of technology.

If the stresses of tearing our social fabric apart become too great, we will 'snap' and shift into collective insanity to nullify the stress.

We may not be a disgrace (as we have nothing meaningful to compare ourselves to), but as it stands, our collective existence/non-awareness is a planet-wide desecration.


Aeria Gloris / World Domination / Desecration