Dispersion Of Responsibility


Large organizations of people have found a way to do away with the significance of personal responsibility and morality, and do things collectively they wouldn't do on a personal level.

If you hear phrases like "I'm just doing my job" or "I'm just following orders", you should be alarmed.

The organization of people into a collective can happen in two ways.

To be a part of the whole the more efficient way is through transparency, trust, and Love. This way the part becomes the whole.

The other way is to become a cog in a greater machine, not looking farther than doing the assigned task. This way organizing the collective is through ignorance, authority, and peer pressure.

If people care only about their egos, they are subject to ignorance (because they can't see farther than their own ego), authority (bigger blobs of ego) and also peer pressure (lot of ego blobs).

People learned to use these to their perceived advantage. They can do whatever they want collectively and still feel good about themselves.

The use of ignorance is obvious: if you don't know what exactly is going on, it cannot be your fault. If there is an authority, you can pass on the blame. Finally, if everybody is doing it, it surely isn't morally wrong.

The conscience of a cog appears clear to itself.

Responsibility and accountability disperse, and the cog can enjoy the ego-bloating rewards of collective misdeeds.

There is something very wrong with such organizations of people.

Yet is is not so much about the collective wrongdoings - even if the outcome is most brutal, they usually follow the most direct way to achieve what they want and the reasons for doing so can easily be traced back to specific fears.

No, the worst thing is people lying to themselves.


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