Foreword To World Domination


I like the word 'domination'.

It's a nice word; although its standard interpretation is 'supremacy', its connection to words like 'dominion', 'domain' and 'dominus' (god) suggests a less imposing alternative interpretation as well.

I usually distinguish between two types of power: 'power-with' and 'power-over'.

Power-with is achieved through openness, candor, integrity, and most importantly: Love.

Power-over is achieved through manipulation, fear, need, and stealing energy from others.

World domination is possible through both types of power:

Usage of power-with leads trough harmonious co-existence and co-identity to a godlike state of being one with All.

Usage of power-over leads through hunger and separation to a feeling of supremacy over others - and hidden in the closet: inferiority.

(I have written plenty of stuff with the 'power-with' approach elsewhere:)

What follows are writings with the primary focus on the use of power-over and its manifestation on a social scale in our world.


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