Removal of Integrity


To dominate the world with power-over, the divide-and-conquer strategy has to be employed not only among your subjects, but within them as well.

The unaware human social mass can be easily swayed and influenced, for it has no integrity and conscious existence.

The individual with integrity is dangerous because he or she can sabotage the greased social machine - or even swing it him/herself.

How to destroy that integrity? The best is not to let it develop in the first place.

A child is born helpless, but with blooming integrity.

To prevent the child from being a responsible adult capable of making one's own decisions, two things can be done: to train the child to be dependent and to prevent the child from getting adult social status.

The standard dream of extensive successful schooling and many years of diligent labor in good employment pretty much achieves both goals: half a life of childhood and extensive conditioning in consumerism.

This way, there is no external reinforcement for internal integrity: no loving family, no supportive community, no feeling of genuine achievement and aliveness - just predetermined slavery.

It's impossible to live outside society; so we remove ourselves from ourselves. The child is broken: it may age, but never grow up.

Zombified people - sheeple - want to be ruled; wishing otherwise is just too hard.


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