Structure Of Evil


If you have successfully embarked on your journey of power over others, the world just became a much simpler place: There are 'haves' and there are the 'have nots'.

There is only one rule: the rule of the stronger. Those who don't play this game are lesser than you and easy marks for control.

Among those who share the same view are those who are under your control and those not yet under your control.

Among your peers the traditional currency is fear based respect: you find the greatest fears in your potential subjects and intensify them. This way, you earn their fearful respect and a measure of control over them.

Better not think too much about the same being done to you; channel it into revenge at an opportune time if you have to.

What are the fears to leverage control upon? There are two basic threats: exposing the identity based on lies and denying feeding grounds.

If you multiply this process across a network, you get a certain stability: everyone is in everyone's pocket and everyone depends on the greed of others for their well-being.

Those who emerge victorious from this battle become autocrats, while those who don't are stuck in the hierarchy of power which resembles formal bureaucracy.


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