Transparent Systems


Systems are not necessarily built on power over others; they can also be built on power with others.

Systems based on power over others may become transparent and transparent systems may become corrupt, simply by adjusting the visibility/transparency of the structure of the system.

Transparent systems are built on integrity, clarity, and cooperative empowering.

Systems build on power usually have one clear and intrinsic goal: to funnel power/money as efficiently as possible to the top. This goal pretty much defines the whole purpose of such systems.

Transparent systems which stand for a clearly defined common goal are pretty much indestructible; the highest level of integrity and flexible, balanced channeling of power stand above conflict.

Thus, herein lies the greatest weakness of transparent systems: in the goal setting. If you are not singlemindedly focused on money and power - what then?

If the answers to that question are shared and clearly embraced, your transparent system will last long and prosper. If not, it's a prime target for corruption (causing less transparency).

Here's an interesting thing about transparent systems:

There is no struggle for the top. Lower positions are better because they are easier and carry less responsibility. You advance to a higher position not because you desperately fought for it, but because somebody has to do it and nobody can do it better than you.

You do it for the good of the whole - and thus for yourself too who is part of the whole. (It's called 'self-responsibility'.)


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