Evil Money


No, money is not evil. At least, it's not more (nor less) evil than a hammer or a hot meal.

Most people who think that money is somehow inherently evil are just looking for an excuse or something to blame. (Blaming money is quite convenient because it is only an abstract concept.) To wash away their feeling of inadequacy, many of these people are all too quick to whip out their credit cards and go on a shopping spree.

Money is a tool. We can use tools for many purposes, some of them we see as 'good', some of them we see as 'evil'.

It is undoubtably true that some people use money for less-than-noble purposes, but it is also undoubtably true that most people use money to make life better for all of us.

Evil money, good money - use a tool well, and it will be a good tool.


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