Team Building


If you are building a team from scratch, you have to carefully consider what kind of people the team shall consist of. Team building is a complex subject, and unfortunately often a matter of trial and error.

A sensible approach is to build the team around the things which are essential to achieving the desired goal. These essentials can be key people, tasks, methods etc.

All people have their comfort zones. Within these comfort zones they can be expected to behave by socially accepted norms and be reasonably tolerant with each other. Generally, within the comfort zone lies the productivity zone.

It is important to build a team of people who can work well together. If you don't have the flexibility to choose people who are 'in tune' with each other, you can avoid friction by adjusting the structure, the goal, or the work plan of the team.

If such adjustments are not possible, the remaining solution is to enlarge their comfort zones. How to do that? By increasing their motivation, generally through added work benefits or by paying them more money.


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