Basics of Creation


This introductory section will give you a short overview of Creation, the Structure of the Universe and our relationship with God. Are you ready to take a little step beyond linearity?

Let's start straight from the center.

The universe just is.
Everything is possible.

Another way to formulate it is


Let's take a closer look at three aspects. 'I AM!' means all these and practically everything else as well.

- I AM all that IS

This is what we primarily mean when saying 'I AM'. There's only One consciousness and it is I/You/God. Everything is possible. No limits, no boundaries. Love.

- I AM a part of what I AM

Creation is God's ability to focus. The Creator aspect of
God/You/Me (the Father) focuses on the Creation aspect of God (the Son). So, besides knowing, he gets double fun: He experiences creating and also the experience of being created. There's also a part of himself that sits back and enjoys the show.

It may help you to grasp the very essence of things being said if you keep in mind that time and space are also creations. It can be confusing to think of Creation as a process. IT IS. NOW.

He looks at himself from different perspectives, but he is still One.
We are not only a part; we are a part and the Whole!

Here's a little mental exercise: Imagine you're standing face-to-face with yourself. You look yourself in the eyes from both ways.
Who's the real you?

- I AM what I AM not

The Whole thought it would be nice to give to the created aspects the ability to deny their connection to All.

It is the choice to define ourselves in relation to something we are not.
Fight, fear, battle, conflict, contradiction, illness, opposition and paradox become a reality that can be experienced.

This is called Duality.

It is possible to overcome Duality, and it requires only your resolute choice to do so. The process is called Ascension.

What do you choose?


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