How to deal with fear


Fear is the inability to understand/love/become one with the object of fear.

Everything is easy to do if you know how to do it; it's the same with overcoming fear. When you figure out your goals and how to achieve them, the word 'effort' becomes meaningless.

So, let's take a look at the steps which lead us to fearlessness:

-Get to know your fears
-Get to know the source of your fears
-Step into the things feared
-Make the negative flow stop
-Enlighten all

It may be more accurate to think of these steps as aspects, because the actual process of overcoming fears is simply an elegant shift from a state of fear to the state of Oneness.

Fears are just an obstacle in your path of becoming a joyous, radiating and powerful person. They are easy to overcome: pay attention, avoid denying.

Ending the state of fear ends the state of fear.

Get to know your fears

Logically, to overcome your fears, you have to be aware of their existence first.

The maximum denial and non-aware ignorance can offer you is a kind of satisfaction of not having it worse.
Ask yourself: What is that I want?

It is important to understand your fears. If you completely map out your fears (and fears behind fears), they lose their power because they no longer get it from you.
After that, only a little nudge is required and they fall apart.

Write down all your fears. Think of everything you must or can't do.
Which people, what places, activities, situations, character traits etc. are you afraid of? What do you like, what do you dislike? Do you dislike because you are afraid?

What do you think where your limits are? Think BIG. Analyze it in relation to 'Everything is possible!'

Give a definition of yourself and examine it. You can probably find some limits implied by it.

Where are your limits?
Self-imposed laws, social laws, physical laws?
Linear thinking?
Time and space?

Do you feel that you must overcome your fear? If you do, then it is very likely that you have another fear you should overcome first.

Get to know the source of your fears

The state of fear is a state of limited, restricted awareness and of limited, restricted choices. Fears try to divert you and make you unaware of their true nature.

If you try to enlighten a fear that is not the source, it is possible that your energy/will/focus will be diverted from the source of fears, and the fears would continue to manipulate/backstab/steal your energy.

If you think you can't overcome your fears however you try, if you don't feel the bliss/joy/love/empowerment of overcoming your limitations, don't despair. It is not wrong to feel like that. Observe how your awareness is being diverted, and keep succeeding.

Step into the things feared

This source can be perceived as a thought, a word, a darkness drawing your energy into itself. It can also be a defiled color, sound, movement or a place in your mind or body - a 'hole in your aura'. Find a form for it which is more Loving, a form which would suit you better.

Without this source to rely on, the things previously under fear will balance themselves; they will find their true selves and become radiant.

Embrace, bless, enlighten. Vanish the illusion of separation.
What you feared until now is not separate from you.

Make the negative flow of energies stop

Gather up your courage and say 'Not anymore!'

Enlighten all

It's easy to overcome a situation in which you feel you are powerless or not worthy enough.

You are powerful. You are worthy.

Know that. Feel it in your essence and know that this is Truth.
There's no point in wanting something you already have.

Know you are powerful and there's no stopping you!


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