Can't and must fears


There are two general forms in which a fear can manifest: I call them can't fear and must fear.

"You can't. You are unable to do this. You are weak. You are stupid. You are worthless." - these are things a can't fear would tell. These fears can be hard to overcome, but at least you know what you are dealing with. This is a category of plain, simple fears, easy to recognize.

"You must. You have to. There's no escape. There is no other way." - these are things a must fear would tell. These fears enclose you, taking away your ability to think straight. They are usually deeply rooted, accustomed to, and not questioned often; therefore these fears are manipulative and harder to recognize.

Can't blocks one path. Must blocks all paths and tries to make you go backwards on the one you came from.

It's relatively difficult to deal with a must fear, because it's not a single fear, but a bunch of them.
Be observant.

A can't fear appears when you decide to do something and an obstacle appears and blocks your choice.

A must fear occurs when you don't have your own will. How can that be?

If everything you do meets denial (if the can't fears get too overwhelming), and you allow it, sooner or later you'll go 'blank' and give your will away to energetic vultures. If you do that, you become easy prey for energetic control.

Must is the word of control over you; it's the way to make you do things you don't want to. If you like to believe in such a thing as hell, complete submission in fear fits the description nicely.

Please beware how you use the words 'I must, you have to, I can't, it's impossible' and the like.

People telling themselves or other people 'you must this and that' is definitely not something pleasant.


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