Let's take a closer look at the emotional experience of fear.

Fears are energies that were previously denied by you. They are energies that were previously excluded by yourself.

Flow into them.

Denial is all the forbidding No!-s you have heard and experienced in your life.

How did denial feel like? Recall, but don't submit to it.
Was it powerlessness along with rage for not being allowed to be yourself? For being denied self-expression? How powerful was the rage?

Did it break out in an uncontrollable and undirected way (hysteria)? Did you suppress it totally feeling even less powerless?

Or did the rage build up so much, that after a directed release you destroyed the he-who-denies's composure and unobstructed energy flows? Destroy it utterly? Did you eat up his energies, making him submit to your will?

If this is your defense mechanism, beware, because sooner or later the darkness, the life force you devoured will break out too, and if the rage and anger continue to be your primary behavioral patterns the eternal battle will never stop.

Rage and anger are just an expression of fear too.

The things you fear may react this way, they may be angry with you for not allowing them to Be, for condemning their existence.
The things you fear are your dark side.

When you face a suffocating darkness, don't run away. Running away does not really help you; the big angry darkness would still remain there. This darkness is...

... a darkness because it was denied too much (its strength/energy of Self is lost for it).

... suffocating and angry because it chose this way to achieve a certain satisfaction if it can't have the thing it truly wants: true, unlimited Love and freedom (sour grape syndrome).

... if it is 'big', it's because it grew quite good in attaining that satisfaction. It eats up everything in its way; it makes everything follow its warped will and way of existence - it denies.

If the darkness does not primarily revert to getting energy from other sources, it eats upon itself, lowering its energy and awareness to a certain point. This is the state of depression. Any attempt at 'energy infusion' from the outside won't help (it is discarded/vented to maintain low energy level) unless it is aimed at the core of problems and results in an essential, coherent change in self-perception and state of existence.

It is easier to heal a person (including self) who is 'only' depressed (only self-consuming) than a person who actively steals, subdues, or in a very unwholesome case, harvests energy.

The reason for this is simple: The problem is not 'local' anymore.

First you have to stop the person from suffocating others, then you have to empower the subdued persons to shake off the habit of giving up their will to the suffocator and find their own, and then, finally, to overcome the fears and problems at the core and heal the suffocator.

Another word for energetic leeching is possession. It has a slightly different perspective: 'energetic leeching' sounds objective, observable and scientific while 'possession' takes up a more subjective viewpoint, it reflects how the possessed experiences it.

Lesser forms may be common, but possession in its fullest form is very unlikely to occur in any situation and state of mind that at least faintly resembles what we call normal.

In my opinion, every form of mastery deserves respect and even admiration, even if it is the deformed mastery of energetic subduation.
Find the fear the darknesses fear, overcome it and make them realize it is indeed nothing by making them aware and powerful enough to be able to overcome the fear by themselves.
Everyone (including darknesses) find it nice to be treated with respect and Love instead of fear, just make sure your love is not just fear coated with sweet syrup, but true, fearless and undemanding Love.

Fearing the suffocating dark is pointless.

All is you.



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