On limits


No one can convince you of your limitless nature if you are intent not to believe it. Choice always IS!

The only way to do it from the 'outside' is to go within, to 'enter' the place you think of as yourself. This entering could happen in two ways:

1. The first way to enter is to force my will upon yours, to overpower you, to drain your energy completely and to place myself above you, making you inferior.

It is clear that in this case instead of making you overcome your fears you would get overwhelmed by them. When all life-force is sucked out of you, that comes closest to the idea of hell. Separation, duality, 'outsideness' and exclusion are even more present than before.

2. The second way is to rid myself of all my fears and limits, including those you think of as yours.

This way what you experience as yourself and what I formerly experienced as myself become aspects of my/our new, more aware Self.
I/you/God would blast open the part of ourselves we think as you and empower you so much until you wouldn't feel it as an outside influence on yourself, because you would be so powerful that you could stop my influence and even return to separation should I/you/God wish it.
Without the perception of separation, we would become One - which is one way to define Love.

This is why people have a tendency to await for messiahs: It is always easier if someone else does it for you, even and especially if it is about your well-being.
This has a lot of implications in relationships, sexual or otherwise.

A person with limited awareness who's holding on very tightly to her fears would probably perceive even the second way of 'entering' as death. It would seem so because the new limitless self would be different (more 'whole') than the old self which was mostly defined by limitations and therefore harder to perceive.
On many levels, the form of 'self' changes and becomes much less exclusive.

Don't 'box up' yourself, other people or absolutely anything you see/think/feel!

If you do, you are only fooling yourself, because in relation to the deeper reality, the boxes are just an illusion; non-existent.

You might say "Love is about freedom and if you do not respect my choices and the limits I impose on myself, then it is not Love."
Oh yes it can be; chances are that in this case you don't respect your own choices.

Everyone has to respect their own choices only. It is, in fact, impossible to do otherwise. If it is truly Your will and your choice, it is the true will and choice of others too.

There are many selves, many perspectives, many expressions of will - yet there is One. When 'inside' and 'outside' become One and you connect with your own true will: All is Balanced in Love!


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