The valley of shadows


I have talked about what it is like to get your energies 'drained' and also about persons/beings/energies who do this.

Let's venture a little deeper. What can be worse than that? There is actually one thing worse: A network of such beings.

It takes the following to become a ruler of a certain reality by subduation:

1. Subjects.

People who are willing to submit their personal truth and power to you; or can be manipulated into it.

2. Motivation.

Why do it? Why would anyone do it? Basically there are two possible answers.
The first is "Why not?" Think about it: This is the only truly acceptable reason for anything. Such a decision is made on the godlike or nearly godlike state of being.
The realization of this mostly reverts to the second possible answer: "Because I am afraid."

3. Power.

Willpower/cunning/knowledge comes from fearlessness/awareness.
This may seem a bit paradoxal: First I said we need a fear for motivation and now I say we need fearlessness for power. This is correct.

There has to be a limited perception of reality, a great initial fear to fuel the negative and energy ripping state of existence; but fearlessness in other aspects of self is also required, because without it such a self-structure would collapse -- and it ultimately does.

Fear driven and duality based power severely limits itself and thus cannot be as powerful as the power that has its source in "Why not?" - freedom of choice and limitless existence.

Pay attention.


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