The Void


After you overcome all your fears, you arrive at a place/state of mind of great regeneration called the Void.

If you like to perceive it as a place, it is vast empty space. Not choking or limiting, it's dark in a peaceful and choiceful way.

Choicefulness - the source of strength.

It's very refreshing to just float around, meeting no resistance.

True peace comes from peacelessness, for if you become one with disorder, you gain peace - peace through choice and balance.
Therefore, the greatest stability lies in having no ground under your feet.

This is where you can find yourself: There is nothing to do, there is no one you 'have to' be, yet you are powerful and able to create from this magnificent nothingness everything you decide.

It is the emptiness you project your will upon. It is here you are able to define yourself, to give form. All is you.

If you like to perceive it as a state of mind, it is awareness, the ability to see beyond various limitations.
For example, to see beyond the limitations of our Matrix:
You can see it is indeed a construct (not a 'real' reality), not a limitation that cannot be overcome, but a thing that can indeed be changed.


If ordinary consciousness is like a box or a few lines of thought and energy, this kind of awareness would be a lot of thought/energy lines (or a box growing bigger and breaking out of itself), growing into the powerful 'I AM' presence encompassing all.



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