The Maya, Matrices and the Pattern


Words are slippery. If these terms are of no use to you, discard them.

I/You/God/The World just IS.

- Maya, the great illusion.

Maya is the world that makes itself known to us through our senses - but not only that, it's more like the illusion/reality/existence of the whole creation.

It is illusory and fluid, but that does not lessen its importance, beauty, or reality.

It is / is not. (You decide what is and what is not).


Don't let its reality get a grip you or its unreality weaken you into confusion.

The reality which is an illusion is real after all. Matter of perception.
You're the one in charge.

- Matrices.

Similar in their meaning to Maya, but not entirely the same:

Matrices are more like creations within Creation - frames of reference.
They are a step between Maya and individual realities, if you wish to see it from this point of view.

A matrix is a thing that comes closest to the idea of objective reality.

- Pattern.

There is a part/aspect of All where we can observe/experience stability, continuity, relativity, complexity, causality, structure, various structures of space and time.

Including what we usually mean under 'rational' and 'logical'.

A good word for this is Pattern.

It is a more fluid alternative word/perception for 'Maya' and 'matrix'.
More accurate, also, if there's such a thing.

There are patterns within patterns within patterns.
There are patterns which are Matrices, and the whole Pattern (if you like to believe it's definable) would be Maya.

- Else.

But then again, there is non-stability, non-continuity, non-relativity, non-complexity, non-causality, non-structure. All that we call irrational.
Things that elude strict formulation, but not necessarily experience.

That's the beauty of it!

These are two sides of the same coin.

Most of our problems originate in being stuck in one reality with heavy self-limitation, and I don't mean our 'objective' reality only, our matrix, but more importantly the exclusive individual realities we create.

Perceptions of realities are realities too.

There is no problem with creating individual realities, but if we make them exclusive to the realities/thoughts/feelings/energies/consciousness of others (if we put harsh limits to acceptance), problems like the ones we can observe in our society come into creation.

Become conscious and shift perception!


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