To Heal is to make Whole.

By healing we wish to make whole that which was whole (possibly differently whole than we wish to make it) but is not now.

All we have to do is to remember that which we heal and enforce its former/future beauty, joy and power of wholeness.

A beauty, joy and power which IS.

Not only persons can be healed. It is in your power to heal all that you extend your Self to (inanimate objects, places, thoughts, ideas, energies etc.)

Healing others doesn't really differ from healing yourself. This is because of the simple fact that others are you.

Healing is done through Love, through becoming One. The greater your Love/understanding, the more/better you can heal.

Of course, in order to give more complete and more efficient healing, one should attack on all fronts: use modern and alternative medicine, or something completely different - it's all up to you.

Whatever you feel would be appropriate.

Throughout this book I talk about healing as making Whole, healing as way of dealing with fear and its manifestations in a most direct way - striking at the core of the problem and solving it from a state of pure choice.

I will also say a few words about partial healing. (I also call it 'curing' or 'partial balancing'.)

A good example for partial healing is standard medicine:

I go to the doctor, he gives me a diagnosis and prescribes some pills. I get the pills, use them regularly and hopefully wait for the disease to subside.

My involvement in my healing is minimal; I don't have to think about the cause of the disease nor do I have to change my life.

Most importantly: I don't have to face my fears.
I just have to pop the pills in my mouth.

It is partial because it deals only with one aspect of Self, in this case it is the physical body - or more probably only a part of it.

Most of the time it cures the effect, but it does not heal the cause.

Proper cure of the physical body or other part/aspect of the Self gives a boost, a chance for the whole to shift its consciousness and perception to a less limited or unlimited one - and thus heal itself.
This chance, this help is either used or ignored. If it is ignored, the dis-ease will manifest itself again somehow.

This is why techniques which deal with the consequences instead of the source of problem do work, if they work at all.

My advice is to strike always primarily at the source of the problem; secondarily at the effects if needed.

If we take into consideration the sorry state in which the vast majority of people is in, for complete Healing a great reordering/restructuring of perception of self is needed.
This can be quite a challenge.

Our society in its current state tends to deplete health. Just take a look how an average person loses health during his life: healthiest as child, the problems add up as he gets older, finally resulting in some serious diseases after a few decades of life.

Rarely is one rejuvenated later in life; 'fixed', 'patched up', yes, maybe, but not rejuvenated.

This does not have to be so.
'Maturing/aging process'? 'Normal'? Unfortunately, it is normal. But no way does being the norm make it natural and wholesome.

What I'm saying is that not only complete healing can be a challenge, but also maintaining that state. But don't let that scare you, you're not alone!
You like challenges, don't you?

I present you tools:











These are good tools.
Use them well.



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