To heal or not to heal?


- Unwillingness to be whole

Remember, however strange this might sound to you at first, that in some cases (or from another perspective: in all cases) people experience negativity because they wish to experience it. How can they overcome it and heal it if they don't wade into it, no? So, in these cases, it might be best just to leave it be.
Unless, of course, this is contrary to your desires.

Always make your desires first priority, and at the same time expand your awareness and definition of Self to include others as well. This way you can effectively accomplish Your desires, with no friction with the desires of others (your desires would incorporate the desires of 'others' too).

People always do what they want, even when they think they do not.

If you do something for someone else, know that you did it for yourself and to yourself - it's just the perspective which varies with the perception/ definition of Self.

- Fear of being healed

People like to receive the solution to a problem from outside themselves.

If the approach is: 'I want to be healed but I don't want change.'
The result is just that: Wanting to get healed and not changing.

Clearly, this approach doesn't help the actual healing process; it does not work because it contradicts itself: To be healed requires you to actually accept the state of health and power.

If the person is afraid of being healthy, if he is afraid of who he really wants to be, the result is stagnation in the state of wanting to be whole on the conscious level and deciding not to be whole on the unconscious level.

A fearful mind battling itself weakens; existence becomes a shadow.

The solution to this problem is obvious; push the unconscious content of your mind into the conscious realm and stop being afraid.

Just do it.


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