Social systems and structures


Some social systems and structures may suit you. Some may have nothing to do with you, while others might hinder you to a greater or lesser extent.

An advice on dealing with the latter kind:

Change the things you have power to change.

Change your perception in order to gain power to change the things you thought were unchangeable.

Systems are tools; they may be fit or unfit, in relation to what you wish to achieve.

Tools can have a lot of different uses, depending on intent. Their use you may categorize as uses you approve of and uses you don't approve of, all in relation to you and your wishes.

Think about global scale systems and also systems more local to you, and think about how you relate to all of it.

You might wish to use some systems.
Some you might wish to have nothing to do with.
Still, others you might wish to change, disrupt or nullify.

Social systems and structures involve people other than your primary self and are therefore 'harder' to change.

As I said, such systems and structures are not inherently 'bad'; they may not suit you but they may suit others.

In these cases you probably would not want to meddle in other people's affairs unless it threatens your own (or Your own) happiness. And there's definitely nothing wrong with that.

My point is:

Allow, don't exclude!

If people do things differently and they are happy with that, well, let them!

Sounds simple. Certainly everybody knows that, right?
Unfortunately, many people do not understand and go about manifesting problems for themselves and others. Naturally, that is their prerogative, but you are also a co-creator of the multiverse and you are definitely not obliged to co-create their problems.

The important thing is that you know for yourself what you want.
Know thyself.

Build on Love instead of fear, whatever you do.

Build on LOVE!

If the following as a premise is true:

The great majority of people know who they are, know what they want and are fearless, aware and loving people who care for their well-being and the well-being of others.

Then it is also proportionately true that the use of many social systems and structures becomes stupid; superfluous and inefficient.

(Of course, if the truthfulness of the premise is incomplete, the statement can also hold truth only accordingly.)

Take a look at various current forms of armed forces, states, businesses, politics, schools, employment structures, marriages, and so on, and see for yourself; if there is Love, can things be made to work better?

Some structures make sense only in environments overrun by fear.

Complexity and excess fall away as balance, directness, clarity, sincerity, candor, honesty, and Love take their place.

What is your choice?

By developing an inner attitude of Love and fixing the premise, you CAN manifest a World to your liking!


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