Let me start by telling you what you should not do in order to meditate:

Don't try to empty your head, that is, don't actively pursue killing every thought in your head you are aware of.

This is what a lot of people think meditation is about.

Our goal is to unfocus our everyday thoughts and perception, yes, but focusing on them in order to unfocus them? Come on...

Resistance gives power to the resisted; no point in that.
Duality based thoughts are not helpful in achieving Wholeness.

The problem does not lie with thoughts in general: It lies with limiting ones which we have incorporated into our everyday thinking processes.

These are the thoughts that say to you 'You must!' or 'You cannot!' either directly or indirectly.

Overcome the fears which produce these thoughts!

After that, feel free to do whatever you want, it is all your decision.
You are not limited anymore.

Even the idea of 'having thoughts' may not be particularly useful to you!

All IS.

You ARE.

An aspect not separate from you we can call 'thinking'.
But, are you sure you always want to label everything?

Take a break from such things!

That's what meditation is about.


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