Ascension, Light, Enlightenment


Ascension - transcension with a sense of 'upward' movement; the goal is Wholeness.

Enlightenment - the act of Enlightening or the state of being Enlightened; to Enlighten means to free from fears and limits, to shed Light upon.

I prefer the term 'Ascension', because it places more emphasis on the Self: it is you who is doing it. It is not granted to you, you do not become enlightened by an outer god.

'Enlightenment' has passive overtones which suggest that it is someone other than yourself who is Enlightening you, and it carries less accuracy because of that.

The Light is awareness, an expression of Self in a fearless and Whole state of BEING.

The form associated with it is the form of Star; it has a Center, with all motion and radiation outward in all directions, encompassing Infinity and thus rendering Infinity meaningless.

It is clear and direct. Each ray of Light is a possibility unblocked, a connection of Oneness between two aspects of All. Time does not exist as a basic reality for Light; it is everywhere/everything in NOW.

By ascending you indeed become Light, but it is your conscious choice and effort.

It is possible to become enlightened by someone else (for example an energetical healer), but that's only a short term solution, good only for showing you how it should feel like. It's unlikely that a person can uphold the state of enlightenment if she did not get there by her own power.

As you ascend, you become more understanding, more loving and your definition expands more and more. You begin to look up on and feel everything as Yourself.

You observe/know/create yourself, your feelings, your thoughts:
You assume ultimate responsibility!


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