Learning, Unlearning, Knowledge


Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge.

It is what you do in the interval between the state of unawareness and a state of awareness on a subject.

Widening the time interval to infinity renders the concept of 'learning' meaningless.

Also, nullifying the time interval makes knowledge instantaneous.
Instantaneous knowledge is possible. As with almost all things in this world, it is a matter of perception.

Reality is changeable.

You bring things into existence by moving yourself, your perception to a state of certainty and firm knowledge.

The phrase 'knowledge is dangerous' can be interpreted in two ways:

1. Nonexclusive knowledge and awareness, the power/ability to learn is dangerous to those who like control over others.

2. Exclusive knowledge is dangerous for yourself; 'knowing' something can prevent you learning otherwise.

Be careful with knowing too much: It can be limiting if you close off possibilities with the unmovable sureness of your 'knowledge'.

Aim for knowledge which is made out of complete 'not-knowledge'; that is, where you know things could be different, but are what they are because of your choice.

That way knowledge does not limit but allows instead.

Choose wisely what you decide to know.

I advise you to know nonexclusively, allowingly, preferring knowledge which widens possibilities instead of which limits them.

The greatest problem with the learning process is the following:

You can't place a rock into a jar smaller than the rock.

The word 'rock' is an analogue for desired knowledge.

The word 'jar' depicts the former limiting mindset and perception of the world; it is all the exclusive knowledge which has to be unlearned first in order to absorb/embrace the desired new knowledge.

The most widespread idea of learning can be likened to trying to place a big rock into the jar, unsuccessfully over and over again, with an occasional slight change on the form of the jar 'by luck' - 'by luck' only means that the change happens on an unconscious level.

These changes happen when the person is relaxed and not thinking about 'trying'; the jar's form is not so unchangeable then.

The efficiency quotient of this widespread 'learning method' is terribly low if your goal is to actually learn something.

Allowance, acceptance, awareness.
These three words offer the solution.

Make it part of yourself!

Love what you wish to learn!


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