Communication: Telepathy


Telepathy is unity based.

The idea is communication trough communion: the persons involved heighten their awareness and Love of each other until they reach Oneness. They become One.

Telepathic communication doesn't happen externally, but internally - within Self.

Strict separation of the persons involved is not existent. The person who wishes to get telepathic has to put away his limited perception of self and embrace all the energies he formerly did not feel/think/present as being himself.

Every fear overcome increases the clarity of perception and the power to change energy flows and structures; thus increases the ability to convey a message.
Constant heightened awareness of All is by itself the receiving part of telepathy, and it is quite possible to observe/receive/embrace/absorb energies of an individual unaware of this process.

I should mention that this is not 'reading the mind'; you don't necessarily get to know the words that are formed in the other person's mind.


The first step is noticing the so-called body language. These are certain movements and gestures which clearly allude to what that person does, thinks, and feels. These gestures are mostly conscious or semi-conscious.

The next step is 'refining' the perception of body language by paying attention to things which are not so obvious: each twitch of the fingers, the flexing of each muscle, eye movement, breathing, attitude and posture - unconscious and unobvious gestures. While 'simple' body language is easy to understand because of the clarity and perhaps commonness of the gestures, 'refined' body language is harder to comprehend because even if we notice the related signals, we may not know what caused this certain quality and its meaning may elude us.

That's why self-observation is important!

By observing your own behavior and demeanor, you can become aware of your own behavior, your own movements and your own conscious or unconscious expressions you frequently use.

By observing your thoughts/feelings, and the connection between these thoughts/feelings and your behavior, you gain knowledge of yourself.

When you gain knowledge of yourself, you also gain knowledge of others because the similarities between your and their behavior allows you to gain insight into their mind/hearth/self.
("Aha! This how I acted like when I did/thought/felt like this and that!")

By going even further into in-depth observation you have to give up the limitations of language and linear thinking. You can do neat little tricks like associating colors, sounds, sense of touch and other qualities to the things/energies perceived - just to keep things organized if this suits you.

By observing the flow/radiation of these energies comes the realization that all is indeed one and it is YOU!

You know/feel/ARE the powerful presence encompassing All.

Back to the question of why telepathy is not really 'reading the mind':

Selves eaten away by fears and limits; the selves of less aware persons who have given up all or part of their personal Truth and Power - these selves are crammed with much more unconscious than conscious content, and the conscious will is often contrary to the unconscious will.

The conscious will is often even contrary to itself!

A state of confusion hardly translates into words, because once such a state is emptied, ordered or formulated, it is not confusion anymore.

Not only the unconscious, but even the conscious part of ourselves is not putting everything into a formulated stream of words, and is even further from putting everything into a well formulated stream of words.

As you can see, telepathy isn't about picking or putting words into a mind separate from your own.

All you do is observe/change/live your own Self - it's just that this Self is more allowing, more Loving than what we ordinarily refer to as self.

If you insist on wordlike telepathy, I can think of three ways to do it:

1. The first way is similar to a form of channeling:
You observe into detail the other persons physical and energetic behavior/presence and use the words and way of thinking that are the best match for that presence and what it tries to express.

2. Attain a very high level of identifying yourself with others.
This way, if you are able to achieve it, the thoughts are your own and you can read your own mind however and as ever you want to.

3. If the person you are trying to communicate with is a 'clear' person (aware, radiating, enlightened, honest, fearless, powerful, loving - it's easy to recognize such persons, especially if they belong to the opposite sex; just don't forget to breathe and be sure to pick up your jaw from the floor when you realize you dropped it!), she may project her thoughts using your inner symbolism in such a way to make it very easy for you to understand. Even in words only if that is her choice.

This way is similar to the previous one, it's just the other way around: someone else is loving you very much and has accepted you as him/herself.

It is useless to force a more basic reality into a description limited by language, unless you are enjoying it or using it as a tool which complements whatever you're doing or whoever you are.

Direct awareness reduces most of the time the need for language and unnecessary associations with symbols.

Words and sentences are one way to express truth.

Remember there are many ways to express TRUTH!


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