- Structure

There is only one Consciousness with many, many abilities; including the abilities to focus, to unfocus, to thicken and thin, to change - the ability of Consciousness to look upon itself however it wishes.

It can layer itself, it can part itself, and it can regain Wholeness again while never losing it.

There is a part/wholeness/place/time/emotion/feeling/thought/form/
essence/light/chaos/power/energy/ flux/whatever we think of as ourselves.

From this point of view, there's no such thing as not being conscious.
Animals, plants, inorganic material - even thoughts, concepts and ideas are conscious to some level.

We can think of Everything as the (possibly successive) embodiment/manifestation of God/Consciousness.

Selves, realities, places, times, universes, visions, aspects, perspectives, spirits, souls, energetic bodies, physical bodies, whatever;
not same, but One.

- Form

The degree of detail (structure, coherence) you give into something determines how 'real', how persistent it is.

For example, if you create a thoughtform of a person you know and infuse it with sufficient detail, you actually create/summon that person.

With sufficient detail, it would actually be that person.

In other words, from a slightly different perspective:
You 'summon' that person - you create a form/body (manifestation), he/she sends an aspect/part/wholeness of his/herself there, and this makes it possible for that person to take on that particular form.

This for example enables telepathic communication which looks more like a normal conversation: you just let two aspects of yourselves to communicate.

The difference between thoughtforms and 'real' forms is detailedness; how interconnected something is in its relations to everything.

That is the secret behind visualization techniques.

Now we know how to make more 'real'. And how to make more 'alive'?
We make alive by uncloaking possibilities and infusing awareness.

Everything you can imagine can be brought into existence. As you experience the obviousness of ourselves creating our realities, this becomes self-explanatory.

Dreams are real, fantasies are real - but they frequently seem to be insubstantial. This is understandable.

Lucidity means radiance, clearness, understandability.

Unfortunately not many things can fit into normal awareness; this level of awareness is not a very lucid one either!

Normal awareness often perceives 'normal' reality and other realities as inconsistent, incompatible and exclusive, and can hold only the single lone reality it perceives as 'normal'.

(To use an example, if we change our awareness in a dream/vision to normal, we either wake up or the reality of the dream/vision fades away.)

The question is: can you adjust the 'reality factor' of your desired visions/dreams/realities to the desired level?

The tool once again is increasing awareness by allowing.

The question whether the dreamer dreams the dreamed or the dreamed dreams the dreamer is justified. The answer is: neither and both.



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