Air is one of the most important sources of energy; not just air, but the act of breathing itself.

Breathing is a physical manifestation of energy flows.
Presence, interconnectedness, ISness; the Flow of relations.

The act of breathing is a manifestation of how Oneness is present in our physical Matrix as well. To breathe is to reach out.

Flows in, flows out... More importantly: IS.

The consumption of food and liquids works on this principle as well, only at a different density level.
Pay attention to what, how and how much you eat. If you would rather eat something else or at some other time, do so. You know best what's good for your body if you pay attention to yourself!

Breathing and observing your breathing can be a jumpstart to reconnecting with your Self. It can be very efficient.

Techniques are not important; the goal is reaching a state of fearlessness, a state of freedom.

Observe your breathing. Is it shallow or is it deep? Is fragmented, or is it powerfully continuous?
That which fragments your breath is your fear.

Yawning is not simply a symptom of tiredness.
Yawning is adjusting your energy/possibility/presence flow and capacity to a more aware level. Welcome it!

Remember the teachings in the other sections of this book (especially in "How to deal with fear") and connect it all together!


Upon locating and overcoming the fears which were most limiting you experience a powerful influx of energies.
This is what it truly means to breathe!

Breathe in your possibilities!



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