Power of Love


Love is the process/state of Oneness.

Love is powerful because there is no obstacle which could stand in its way. This is a simple outcome of the definition.

We could also define love as the opposite of fear. That is one perspective; not untrue, but incomplete because Love cannot be stopped by its absence either.

Love IS.

(You may only choose to 'focus off' from its Presence to the degree of your choosing if that's what you wish to experience.)

A lot of people are afraid to Love because they are afraid of losing their grasp over their reality and their identity - reverting from 'I am.' to 'Who am I?!?'

I'll introduce two phrases to be able to make myself more clearly understood:
The first is 'upward love' under which I mean the love and connection between 'self' and 'Self'.
The second is 'sideward love' under which I mean the love and connection between 'self' and 'other selves'.

An 'identity slip' may happen if you give yourself up to someone or something other than Yourself.
Among other things this may happen if you attempt 'sideward love' without 'upward love', that is, if you give power to others without having found your own source of strength; without being centered in Yourself.

It is clear what happens in this case: a relatively strong burst of love at the beginning fades away and turns into fear, jealousy, addiction, misunderstanding, pain.

I hope you can see why the term 'love' is misunderstood and misinterpreted in our society today even so strongly that it commonly means things it has nothing to do with.

Fear only gives power over you to the object of fear. Rejecting and ignoring can give a feeling of false stability and false peace, but it lessens personal power.

You will less likely experience an identity slip if the 'identity gap' between who you are presently and what/who you wish to embrace as part of yourself is greater. For example, it's harder to get lost if you imagine being a dog or a flower than if you imagine being a person you are in love with. In first case, the degree of difference between realities/being is greater, and so is the chance of 'getting lost' if you are unsure of Yourself.

You might want to adjust the degree of reality (for example, you want to heal the dog or you wish to experience being the flower), just be sure to be sure of yourself.

Remain flexible and nonexclusive. Allow many realities, many states of being. Have a firm/soft grasp of self-identity.

A good thing to remember is:
You don't own Yourself, but you are Yourself!

Let self/Self flow and shine in Presence; in Love!

There is no identity slip, there is no exclusiveness, there is no fear or unease if your identity breathes as One with everything it embraces/ identifies with; there is Balance and Love and creation of Being.

Know thyself! Balance in All things!

Love as an experience is intensive, extensive and all embracing.

Furthermore, it is self-intensifying.

By establishing 'upward' connection, clarity and healing of the primary self, one can set out heal and Love secondary nodes of self, and so forth, exponentially.

Each person (aspect of All) loved, healed and cherished increases that persons ability to Love, both to give Love and accept Love; to exist in the state of Oneness - growing more powerful by each step!

When Critical Mass is reached...

As always,
the Choice is yours!


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