Handling Paradox


When observing the discrepancy between the way we think things are and the way they actually are, this paradox is easily solved: we are obvously wrong.

However, we seldom comprehend the way things actually are. What we usually have is two or more theories in seeming conflict.

What is the right way then?

Well, there's no such thing. Everything is created by the twin aspects of viewpoint and background, of perspective and context.

Move the perspective, and you have moved the context. Change the context and the perspective is no longer the same.

So, if you have two conflicting theories, contend that both are wrong in the greater shape of things and use the one that's sufficiently useful to you. If neither is sufficiently useful, come up with a third one.

If you don't like the idea that all theories are wrong, use the idea that all theories are right.

At what point do paradoxes collapse?

You are the center of your universe, for you are the view that creates the background. Perspective flows into context and context flows into perspective. The paradox within yourself is the dynamo that moves you.

Higher learning is an act of creation by choice.


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