Questions And Answers


We often think of scientific progress and knowledge in general as an ever-increasing collection of data. We presume that eventually, we will gather all the answers in the world.

Acquiring all the answers in the world results in a dead world and a dead observer: congratulations - the universe just collapsed.

Who knows, it might not even be a bad thing; who wants a world where truly all is known? It might be better to let it fall back on its own and move on.

Until then, we can delight in the wonderful dance of answers and questions.

Learning is a process that creates both questions and answers. By these pairs it adjusts the identity of the learner and once again moves the dance forward.

Learning too becomes a matter of balance.

How deep do you go with questions and how thoroughly do you answer? This process creates the form of the mental structure.

(Fire is remembering; Air is asking; Water is forgetting; Earth is answering.)

A child is naturally curious but unstable - an old man is rooted but world-weary.

If you're lost in questions, you're in a godlike unfulfilled existence; a soul without a body. If you're lost in answers, your existence is imprisoned; a body without a soul.

Have the right answers to the right questions - as chosen by you.


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