"Underground History Of American Education" by Gatto


'Underground History Of American Education' by John Taylor Gatto is quite an interesting and comprehensive book.

If you wish to know more about the influences schooling had on your mind, or if you are concerned about the mental integrity and health of your children, this book is a "must read"!

As a teacher himself, John Taylor Gatto had a lifetime of experience observing and being implicated in the effects of the schooling system. After years of research into where the problem lies, he wrote 'Underground History Of American Education'.

Most of us have a feeling that something is very wrong with the schooling system, but as time passes we become conditioned to accept it as a basic fact of reality and not to question it too much.

The basic conclusion in Gatto's book is that children are being purposefully dumbed down so as not to present a danger to the established power and bureaucratic systems.

Children are trained and conditioned in submission and consumerism.

Of course, this requires their self-integrity to be broken, so as to achieve a certain mental 'plasticity' which makes it possible for them to be molded for least social friction.

Gatto proceeds step by step, in a very detailed manner and supported by historical evidence, to describe how such an abhorring thing became an accepted and unquestioned social reality.

It doesn't even take a widespread conspiracy; a few at the top agree to cooperate and play scientific divide-and-conquer with human integrity - and a large majority (slowly) agrees to trade freedom for perceived safety.

Look at the world around you, and you can see the effects firsthand.

Go read 'Underground History Of American Education' by John Taylor Gatto!

(Hint: You can find it on the web.)


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