If 'forgetting' is the process of moving information from the conscious mind to the subconscious, the reverse process of moving relevant information from the subconscious to the conscious mind is 'remembering'.

For the 'higher level' conscious mind to function properly, it is important for it to have relevant, contextual data. The task of providing such data belongs to the realm of the subconscious mind.

How does the subconscious accomplish this task?

The brain is a massively interconnected aggregate of numerous brain cells. The subconscious processes massive amount of data flowing through the network of the brain.

The basic building block of information processing is a 'relation' or 'connection'.

Relations/connections form 'threads' and 'flows' which keep the sorting processes of the brain/consciousness in check.

(If we were to unproportionately exaggerate such a thread and remove it from its context/flow, we could create a 'conditioned process' or 'memory'.)

Clarity is achieved by letting the twin aspects of 'perspective' and 'context' fall back into each other.

At this point, the 'higher level' conscious mind is empty/full.

From this starting point we can once again break the symmetry; by choice, let a 'memory' and 'context' emerge from the subconscious - and we set the 'higher mind' in motion.

If your 'identity' is well constructed and in good balance with other aspects of yourself, 'remembering' is a process which emerges naturally by the very defining of the 'identity'.


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