Love What You Learn


Love what you learn and learn what you love.

By deeply entrenching ourselves in almost pathologic Cartesian duality, conditioned objectivity creates a mask by which we remove our minds from ourselves, creating the duality of mind and body, spiritual and material, ghost and shell.

One who wishes to learn must transcend this schism: Learning goes through the heart. (Even if only the heart aspect of the mind; the whole human can still be imbalanced.)

If you wish to learn, find a connection to the external constructions you wish to learn/absorb through yourself.

You have the concept of your identity which gives you strength; to learn in an empowering manner, find a way to reconstruct the external structure within yourself.

If you succeed, you have learned what you wanted and empowered yourself through the process.

To simplify, let me rephrase and focus on another aspect:

Why do you want to learn the subject? Are you motivated? Can you envision a use for what you learn? Can you apply it for your own motives?

If yes, you have established a connection - then learning makes sense and moves on with ease and grace. (Don't memorize mindlessly.)

Love what you learn - it will be easy then.
Learn what you love - that's how you achieve closeness.

What you learn heavily influences your self-identity - or depending how you define learning, it may define your identity in whole.


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