Self - The Point Of Synthesis


Learning is inexorably linked with identity. Who learns?

Every time you learn a bit, you die; the shape of your 'self' absorbs the changes and integrates them into yourself.

This is how it should be, for your 'self' and its integrity are not static but dynamic concepts: not a territory, but a sea of movement.

To shift the learning process into to a higher state of functioning and absorb massive amounts of data, the boundary between the conscious and subconscious must be broken: the interaction and flow between the two must be fused into one.

With this, integrity too is jumped to a higher level.

Self emerges at the point of synthesis: the point of choice and focus of the movement.

Please revise your concept of learning. Learning is not something you do in school with a great pain and effort; it is the joy of change and being alive.

Learning creates possibility and then actuality.

Place yourself in the flux of movement and achieve a harmonious alignment with what you wish to learn.

It is a curious blend of "A-ha!", "Eureka!" and "I AM!".

If you look hard enough, you might even see a light bulb or a halo shining above your head.


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